The Brand

We are currently offering our Chicks With Class Brick and Mortar as our franchised concept! Becoming a Chicks With Class owner is an exciting business opportunity. It is a great way to Empower, Educate and Entertain our Youth. Our franchisees get to be a part of a life changing concept with a proven system. Right now there is opportunity to get in on the “ground floor”and grow with the brand.

If you’re reading this page you’re probably passionate about making an impact in the lives of youth. The franchise is a totally different concept unlike any other because it is a Social Enterprise. Most locations will require well under $200,000, and if you opt to operate a Mobile Vehicle, your out-of-pocket investment will be under $100,000. There are very few businesses that can operate with a footprint of only 400 sq. ft. and with overhead costs of 10-20%, that will compute into a much faster ROI.

The Chicks With Class business model is based upon the Pilot Location’s success in the community as being the first Social Enterprise to offer Etiquette Programs, Celebration Parties and Empowerment Workshops. Whether you open a store or operate with a mobile, you will be able to significantly augment your income through School and Community Outreach. The demand for enrichment based services for our youth is at an all time high. Issues such as Bullying, Violent Behavior, Low Academic Achievement and even Suicide have increased and our youth need services like what we offer in order to combat those issues. These issues are attributed to things such as low self esteem, lack of confidence and self worth. Through the products and experiences we offer, Chicks With Class is emphasizing the importance confidence, self worth and self esteem

Feel Good About The Franchise

Chicks With Class LLC is managed by the Youth Enrichments management team. The team is new to the concept of franchising which is what makes this opportunity very exciting. Franchisees will be among the first to expand the brand and we couldn’t be more proud! Training will be 6 days of fun learning held at our Houston location! We will have classroom sessions, on-the-job training and an additional two days of on-site training once you’re ready to open. We have an annual visit to check in and see how things are going while providing ongoing marketing & operational support. We provide training webinars, marketing manuals, digital marketing support, and materials to help you be successful! We have an integrated supply chain with incredible vendor relationships. Our exclusive and proprietary programs for our in store and outreach services makes us very unique. Our real estate and development team assists in store design, store specifications and construction.

Our marketing and support team includes day to day operations assistance and ongoing support with updated training videos, ad creative, and print collateral. We help provide guidance to increase brand visibility and help maintain the vision of The Chicks With Class brand while continuing to help increase sales and awareness.

The 5 Step Program to Become a Youth Enrichment Franchise

Step 1

Initial Qualification Overview – Complete Franchise Application and Request For Consideration
Review Franchise Disclosure Document

Step 2

Meet with Franchise Team
Conduct due diligence
Select Territory and Develop Business Plan


Present plan to franchise team for approval
Senior Management Review


Credit and Background Check
Receive Franchise Approval
Sign Franchise Agreement
Select and submit site for approval
Secure Financing


Finalize lease
Begin Construction
Training week
Store opening

Do I need experience to operate a THE CHICKS WITH CLASS franchise?

We provide a complete training program including marketing, operations, accounting and technology training. Franchising experience is a plus but not required.

Can I operate a CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchise and still keep my regular full-time job?

You are required to commit no less than 30 hours per week to your CHICK WITH CLASS® business. However, if you do not have the flexibility to operate the store then you will have to hire a manager who must attend our training week in HOUSTON, TX.

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Why should I open a CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchise instead of trying it on my own?

The CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchise management team has developed a successful business model. We have honed our operations to give our franchisees the best possible opportunity for success. Why risk it on your own when you can leverage our expertise and experience? Our intensive training will save you from countless mistakes frequently made by novices in the course of business. Our marketing materials, software systems, expert support and other business tools will allow you to maximize the amount of time you spend in developing your business, therefore, ensuring success and profitability more quickly.

Will CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchise help me with marketing?

Yes. We will provide a proven marketing package specifically for your territory, as well as production and strategic assistance with your on-going local marketing efforts. All artwork, templates, ad layouts, etc. and a specific marketing plan are provided.

What makes a successful CHICKS WITH CLASS® Franchisee?

There are three elements to any successful franchise relationship: a great concept, a good location/territory and a great operator. We have the first element, and we’ll help you find the second. The 3rd element is the real key and is always the operator. As a CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchisee, YOU make all the difference. A Franchisee that is willing to follow a proven system and is committed to excellence, consistency, and constant, positive communication with his/her students and community will always have great success.

Do you provide financing?

CHICKS WITH CLASS® does not provide direct financing. However, we will assist you in obtaining financing through our third-party contacts or a financial institution of your choice.

How soon can I be in business once I have executed a franchise agreement and located a mutually accepted site?

You can be open for business generally within 60 to 90 days after your training has been completed.

Okay, I’m ready to open my first CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchise. What’s the next step?

Your CHICKS WITH CLASS® franchise journey begins with the REQUEST FOR INFORMATION. Please complete the form right now and click “SUBMIT.” Someone from our team will contact you shortly to help you get started with the franchise approval process.